If you have to choose one way to get your message across,
video is the way

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We are here to present your company in the best light with a message of power as well as the soul of the company

With a combination of moving images, music, narrative text and animation, video is currently the most efficient and attractive form of marketing.

Promo video is in a way an identity card of your company where your clients will get a closer picture of you and your services. Whether you are promoting your product, service or simply want to show the tradition and progress of your company, promo video is the way to do it.
Creating a promo video includes an in detail analysis of your services as well as the look of the company you want to present. In cooperation with you we create scripts and storyboards that are key to making a quality promo video. By fine and purposeful selection of music we achieve that your promo video looks dynamic and show a powerful or fun message also can be sophisticated and emotional looking.

It can be in the form of a music video (includes only the background music) or a documentary type where the narration (recorded narrator’s voice) would clearly convey your message or the story you want to tell.

Fast and simple, that’s what it’s all about. Explaining what your company does in a short dynamic video is a priceless skill.Our clients say that we have it. Watch this video and tell us if you think the same. Creating promo video demands the understanding of the brand profile, marketing strategy, storytelling and of course, camera, video shooting and editing. In promo videos everything is important: screenplay, camera, light, editing, music, duration. If all of these elements are perfect, the video is perfect. When you want to be understood as a brand, choose Studio Cut. We make a first and lasting impression of your brand

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Fast and strong!

In this promo video we chose to show strength as a main symbol of the company brand.  With diynamic sequences, short and effective scenes of the company work process, and without words we told everything this company is able to realise – fast and highly professional demolition process. 

With this video you get a clear picture about the company, its productivity, and modern machinery they use. 

You have to make them feel you, let them relate to you and remember you.

You immediately want to be there. That was our goal. 

Hotels and restaurants must have a high quality video. 

We simulate a simple easy walk through the hotel, and show all its beautiful interior design with high quality daily light scenes in order to show it as a place not only for relaxation, romantic and glamour moments for guests with style, but also for business meetings.

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